I’m am a researcher, educator, and purpose-driven strategist. Co-founder of Rotson Studios, a co-working space for creative entrepreneurs. I work with individuals and businesses to help them clarify vision and process. I’m on a mission to understand human behaviour and improve human-to-human interactions and customer experience. I work with leadership teams to help them re-discover their values and importance of engaged employees and customers.

I build products and programs that help teams solve problems and distill complex conversations and processes into simple and meaningful interactions. I hate seeing time and talent wasted because of misaligned roles and rigid thinking.

I love working with entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organisations to ideate affordable and realistic business outcomes that test the market and provide valuable insight to build upon. My focus is on helping people answer the question “What problem am I trying to solve?” and “Who it is a problem for?”.

I study leadership and believe that positive culture and community are the number one factors that influence productivity and growth. I want to live in a world where people love what they do and have access to the education and services that helps them grow to be all they can be.

For me it’s about the future of work and the future of education.